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Tech giants rush to announce new devices over the next weeks

Tech EyeFrom now until the end of September many of the big powerhouses in mobile technology are preparing to open up their doors to let us have a glance at what they’ve been developing all year. We’re all getting a front row seat to what is about to be released for the holiday season and there are some big changes on the horizon. Once upon a time these announcements were for products that would be available 6 months out or even further but with Apple’s keynotes taking the center stage to success all of these products will be ready to order within 24 hours of the announcement. While most of these will be pre-orders the shipment times are almost never that far out these days and for everyone who is looking forward to a piece of tech from their favorite vendor it’s time to ready your pocketbooks on what may be about to come.

Samsung is kicking off the announcements with the only major event that takes place in August. On August 29th they will be holding their Unpacked event in Berlin which is going to be showcasing “something” from Samsung Mobile. The rumor mill has it as the over sized Galaxy Note II though with the painful lawsuit they just had to go through with Apple I’m unsure if a single product is all that we’ll be seeing from them. They need some positive press so I would expect a few extra hints of things to come.

Moving forward into September the big day is on the 5th which is the day we’ll be seeing quite a slew of announcements being made.

The first one that is being hyped is a joint Microsoft and Nokia event who have an announcement in New York and its most likely going to be the Lumia running Windows 8. With the amazing build quality of Nokia phones, the new Lumia in particular, and with how Windows 8 has been re-designed from the ground up to mobile this is going to be something to listen to for any fans of Microsoft. Anyone who are looking to break out of the Apple and Google markets and remember that Nokia has historically created the most solid phones should be keeping an eye out for this one.

Nokia isn’t done with just the above release though as also on September 5th-6th they are hosting their yearly Nokia World in Finland. There is no news on what aside from expanding on the Lumia will be at this event. I’m sure we’ll see some more strategic partnerships being announced and possibly a tablet though with Microsoft releasing the Surface I’m not sure if that is a rumor I’d put much stock in.

Also on September 5th is when Motorola and Google have a product announcement in NYC. While there isn’t an official word of what’s coming out the general guess is the Droid Razr HD with a Verizon exclusive (at least at launch) as they are co-sponsoring the event. There have been early leaked specs on the device in the past couple of days due to filings on it so it is easily at the top of the list of what we’ll be seeing.

Not to be outdone Amazon is throwing in their hat an an announcement on September 6th as well. With the past few years being any indication we’re going to be getting a full set of new Kindle announcements. I would guess that we will see a Kindle Fire 2, possibly a 10″ tablet which has been rumored, and of course upgrades to the regular Kindle ereaders. The current generation of the Kindle touch has just sold out so I would expect that we will not see a restock of those as we’ll get the official launch of the new ones able to be ordered after the release announcement next Thursday. There is a rumor circulating about a Kindle Phone as well though I suspect that will still be a year away before we see anything solid on that being released.

Apple’s rumor is that they will have their set of announcements on September 12th is when everyone believes the Apple event is going to be. On display we can all guess will be the latest round of updates to the Apple lineup of hardware but unless they’ve had something super secret in the works the stars of the show will most likely be the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini which have both had the Internet abuzz for the past few months.

Also rumored is HTC holding an event in September. They have 3 Microsoft 8 devices in the works so it would make sense for them to release information on them though there is no confirmation they have an event for the announcement at this time.

It’s going to be a big season for Technology and Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft seem to have the three key products with the new Kindle, iPhone, and Windows 8 lineup on the horizon. We’ll keep you up to date with all of the announcements as they happen over the next month!

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