Galaxy Note 7 Articles

Samsung announce Galaxy Note 7 Battery Investigation Findings

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Battery InfographicSamsung has released information regarding the Galaxy Note 7 and the exploding battery. A host of independent experts and industry groups investigated the cause of the issue.

The Problem with the Batteries

The reason for the problem was a short circuit. The lithium battery has layers. The center is a Pouch; the next layer is the negative electrode followed by the separator and positive electrode. Damage to the separator between positive and negative electrodes caused the short circuit.

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Samsung stops making Galaxy Note 7 amid new fires and ask users to turn off the phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 CanceledJust when you thought the saga of Samsung and the Galaxy Note 7 couldn’t get any weirder, it has. The South Korean tech company has announced that they will no longer be making the device. The reason? More fires, but this time from the replacement devices they sent to consumers burned (both figuratively and literally) the first time around.

The Galaxy Note 7…A No Go

Customers eagerly awaited their replacement devices following the disastrous self immolation of their brand new smartphones. It came on the tail end of some confusing messages about what to expect, as spokespeople contradicted one another in the scramble to figure out what was wrong.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is finally revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note 7Samsung has today officially announced Galaxy Note 7. Now that details have been finally released onto the internet, it appears some of the rumors were true. So let’s begin 🙂

Greater Security To Body and Software

The biggest news has so far been the security improvements. Not only when it comes to privacy concerns – which make up so many of the advances in modern smartphones following criminal hacks and NSA panicking -, but also for the physical device itself.

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