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Top 5 most exciting Microsoft announcements from today’s event

Windows 10 VRMicrosoft held their fall event today, a highly anticipated one where many of us have been waiting to see if the rumors floating around about the company will be validated. Several of them were, along with a couple of surprise reveals.

Here are the five biggest announcements the company made.

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Apple iPhone event will take place on September 10

Apple EventAs it was expected Apple announced everybody that on September 10 will take place a special event. According to the invite, this special event will take place at 10 AM PT at the usual location: Apple Campus in Cupertino.

Now the rumors should light up once again.

First stop and the only thing we know for sure is that Apple will show a new iPhone. Doubted as iPhone 5S as some rumors indicate the next wonder phone should come up with iOS 7 and more power(a new processor and maybe more RAM). Oh and let’s also not forget about the fingerprint sensor.

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Apple iPad 3 event scheduled for March 7th in San Francisco

Apple iPad 3 Event InviteIt’s now official – Apple announced everyone that iPad 3 event will take place in San Francisco on March 7h. So, one rumour turned out to be true.

From my own point of view, the invitation suggest what everyone expected: iPad 3 will feature Retina Display.

Still, there are a lot of uncertainties that surround the next iPad: Will it be quad-core ? Will the front face camera be HD ? Will support LTE speeds ? Will it have a new Design ? Let’s hope so.

We have something you really have to see. And touch.

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Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2010 preview

World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, SpainHello folks,

This week seems to be very busy as Mobile World Congress begun this week in Barcelona, Spain(15-18 February) and there are gonna be a lot of interesting announcements.

We received and expect to receive news regarding launches of new OS from Windows(Mobile), Nokia(Symbian) or some new phones from HTC, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung.

Hope we have our fingers rested cause it’s gonna be a long week full with previews and announcements.

Enjoy it!

photo credit: engadget

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