Motorola DROID XYBOARD TabletYour wait is up. Verizon has come through with the DROID Xyboards. The DROID Xyboard Tablets are already available online and are set to be released in stores, according to the plan publicized by Verizon. Verizon has developed a pattern for releasing in store three days after what has been released exclusively online ahead of time. Their press release announced the availability in stores December 12th, as expected.

Verizon calls it as if it were merely a single tablet. However, there are a few varying configurations to select from. Take for example the 8.2-inch tablet that comes with either 16G or 32G, as opposed to the 10.1-inch with 16G, 32G, or 64G. There really are five different tablets. The 10-inch tablets will cost $530, $630, and $730, respectively. The 8.2-inch tablets will run you $430 and $530, respectively. All of the tablets, though, will require you sign a two-year contract, to secure them at these prices. You must also buy a data plan that starts at $30 for 2G per month.

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