Motorola Droid 3Even though Motorola had already made the announcement in China just this past month, it’s a pleasant surprise to many that the Droid 3 has already been released after the announcement of putting Verizon cell phones for sale. Their Public Relations Team made a discreet announcement yesterday, June 7 about their latest addition to their current line of Droid phones.

The Droid 3 has been long expected because it holds the title of the thinnest smartphone in the world, along with a full comfortable QWERTY keyboard. It comes equipped with a 1 GHZ dual-core processor, which allows the user to multitask by having various applications running at the same time. The camera happens to be a wonderful beauty of 8 MP and it can record HD video at 1080p. As for the running default OS, Motorola equipped Droid 3 with Android 2.3 which runs smoothly on a system with 512MB RAM.

In addition to these attractive features, the Droid 3 comes with capabilities for a 3G Hotspot, which means that up to five different devices can be hooked up to the phone via Wi-Fi. This powerful phone can be the perfect tool for anybody from the businessman, to the student and even for the teenagers.

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