Hanvon Color E Ink ReaderRecently we have watched some attempts to color the eBook readers by LCD displays at varioud products, but that’s not a solution at all. The difference of battery life is too big between LCD display and E Ink. Some hours of LCD vs. some weeks of E Ink does not stand a chance at all to the serious readers.

So a Chinese company, Hanvon has taken the obvious step. The first ever Color E Ink device is going to be presented by them in the next March according to their announcement. The first one will be a 10-inch (9.68 to be precise) touch screen device available only in China at the primary stage, but they are expecting to sell this eBook reader in the US also in the near future. This device is not expected to be a competitor of iPad. It will rather be a device for the serious readers who demand some colors in their reading too.

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