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Android takes 51.8% of the U.S. Smartphone Market

Android Eating an AppleWhile there are multiple manufacturers of Android devices it’s officially a clear cut case that Android now holds the vast majority of the smart phone market in the United States.

With over 51% of the market share Android, the little mobile OS that could, now is on more handsets then every other mobile OS that is available combined – including the once mighty iOS.

Apple has been losing ground to Google all year in the United States as Google’s devices have been spreading to more of the populace. iOS itself has fallen to having over 1/3rd of the market which is still a respectable number, though not the dominant force that it once was.

The real question though is iOS losing numbers to Android or is Android growing to new smart phone users? The answer is actually a little bit of both though most of the newer Android owners are first time smart phone buyers and not conversions.

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IARC claims that Cell Phones might cause Brain Cancer

Mobile Phone and BrainMany years ago the word started to spread out that cell phones might cause cancer, however the heat went down and people just forgot about it. Now the World Health Organization (WHO) through its International Agency for Research on Cancer has published a report where it has included cell phones in the list of cancer causes. That list also includes gasoline engine and lead.

To this, the CTIA Wireless Association responded that it wasn’t stated that cell phone use would definitely cause cancer. John Walls who is CTIA’s current VP stated that the classifications made by IARC are sometimes biased and therefore not entirely true.

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