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Skype co-founder backs new communication tool, Wire

Wire Communication AppJanus Friis is among a list of tech and communication experts who have backed the new app Wire, a communication tool that sets out to take everything that is good about the competition, and combine plus add to it.

Wire is essentially a chat service, but it claims to be much more. It provides a video chat service with high end sound quality through your mobile device, as well as Mac computers. But it also gives you the option to message with video from YouTube, audio clips from SoundCloud, or images. If you need to get someone’s attention, you can send them a ping, which will let them know you want to talk without sending a call request and potentially interrupting them.

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Apple US retail stores are now using iBeacon guidance app

  • 06/12/2013 at 19:23 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Apple EmployeesApple has announced that Friday they will be implementing a new iPhone app for in-store customers. The iBeacon will work by guiding people through their stores so they can find what they are looking for without employee assistance.

So far, the app is to be used for 254 stores. Customers will be able to download it for free, and give access for Apple to track them within the store’s walls. As they move through the aisles they will be given information on new products, sales, and other information. Including where in the store certain items are being held, or where they can pick up preorders.

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A closer look inside Fossil MetaWatch

Fossil MetaWatch

With the growing use of technological gadgets, such as computers and phones, people would think that perhaps it was time to stop wearing watches. Come to think about, you can take a quick look on your phone and know the time, instead of having to wear a watch on your wrist all the time.

Nonetheless, reality shows that people don’t really think that way. To many, watches are one more piece accessory that they can mix and match with their clothes. It’s an addition to the sense of style, and it can either help improve or damage a person’s image. With today’s youngsters, watches are still quite popular. Perhaps, what needs to be done is add appealing features that will attract more people.

During the last twenty years, it has become quite evident that old fashions are becoming popular once again. Take for instance high waist jeans and the 80s music; even though they were not “in” during the last decade, they are starting to be “in” now. The same thing seems to be happening with watches, with the difference that they were never out of style.

That’s where the new MetaWatch by Fossil comes in. Fossil has been manufacturing and selling watches for quite some time now, and they also sell other accessories such as wallets and bags. Despite the fact that they haven’t come out with an extremely popular item, they have been in successful business over the years.

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mSpot spice up the Cloud Music with Radio Spotter App

  • 27/05/2011 at 11:00 by It's a Gadget Staff
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mSpot was the very first company which developed and commercialized streaming radio service and now mSpot is the leading cloud entertainment provider. Today, they launched a new service known as Radio Spotter. Using this service you can upload your music to mSpot’s cloud streaming side and can play back that music on your Android device without any use of microSD card.

You can also select Internet radio stations you’ll like, based on music genres or on your own artist searches. Radio Spotter also suggests you new music based on the type of the already music saved in your music library using a homegrown algorithm, and it will automatically feed your new music into your already defined artists or genres music. The suggestions will be available in the “Stations Suggestions” tab in applications. mSpot tracks suggestions on the basis of current music in the library plus your play history.

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Vocabology: An Educational iOS App

  • 17/05/2011 at 00:59 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Vocabology AppMany of us have probably tried to expand our vocabularies by reading a book or playing crosswords puzzles. Although the second option might be more fun than the first, chances are you’re give up halfway through the puzzle.

A new app for iOS 4.0 compatible devices can be the next best thing when it comes to helping you learn new words to enhance your current vocabulary. The app is called Vocabology and luckily it is free of cost. It has been well received among most users because it combines words that are pulled from the Merriam-Webster dictionary and also words from the Urban Dictionary.

One of the many cool things of this app is that it challenges the user to really learn the word by testing them with different quizzes and applying the new words in the social media world. This pushes the user to apply the new words in sentences, making it more of an everyday thing rather than a one-time challenge.

Vocabology also provides the user with new words in German, French, Portuguese, and Italian which can make it a lot more fun and interesting.

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