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M is For Marshmallow – Google Releases New SDK for Developers

  • 18/08/2015 at 23:58 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Android MarshmallowGoogle has released the name of their next version of Android, with the M standing for Marshmallow. Marshmallow is to be released for Android users in fall, and the official developer SDK is ready for developers to test their apps on the updated platform. The official Android 6.0 SDK up in the Android Studio for download through the SDK Manager for developers to target the new API Level 23.

There have been new features designed into Android devices, like fingerprint scan and Android Pay (Which uses NFC technology.). The Android version 6.0 SDK has an updated Android Support Library v23 that is backwards compatible. The v23 contains new support libraries, such as customtabs, percent, recommendation, preference-v7, preference-v14 and preference-leanback-v27.

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OnePlus 2 is now official: Snapdragon 810, Fingerprint sensor and 4 GB of RAM for under $400

OnePlus 2Last year, an unknown start-up from China release a smartphone that had specs to challenge Samsung and Apple’s flagship models. OnePlus released the OnePlus 1 with the aim of selling 30,000 handsets. Instead, 1.5 million OnePlus 1 smartphones were sold across the world. Many have been wondering what will come next and find out if the OnePlus 1 was a one hit wonder or was a serious competitor to Apple, Samsung and other smartphone makers. The OnePlus 2 is the new model for the company, and there were many rumours and possible leaks of what the smartphone will look like and contain inside.

The OnePlus 2 is an android based smartphone, using the Lollipop version as its OS. The previous model used Cyanogen as its modified Android OS, but issues have cause OnePlus to use the Oxygen OS. This is still very similar to the standard Android OS most people are used to, but with more customizable features and less bloatware

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Google announces Android M, will feature enhanced security and battery life

  • 29/05/2015 at 08:51 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Google Android MGoogle have released information about their up coming Android M release, and the focus is on linking apps within the OS and improving battery life. Payments will be able to be made using a fingerprint with Android Pay and information will be able to be accessed easier using a new feature called Now On Tap.

Apps being able to link with each other create a new way to use a system, and allow the user to engage with apps in ways that one app couldn’t. For a user, it means being about to move seamlessly through apps without interruption, and for a developer it means possibly having different customers being able to use the app. Google have added an autoVerify attribute to apps that allows the user to be link deep into the native app. This increased interconnectivity is due to App Indexing for Google Search, which is used to index information and connect between apps to share information and data.

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