Google announces Android M, will feature enhanced security and battery life

Google Android MGoogle have released information about their up coming Android M release, and the focus is on linking apps within the OS and improving battery life. Payments will be able to be made using a fingerprint with Android Pay and information will be able to be accessed easier using a new feature called Now On Tap.

Apps being able to link with each other create a new way to use a system, and allow the user to engage with apps in ways that one app couldn’t. For a user, it means being about to move seamlessly through apps without interruption, and for a developer it means possibly having different customers being able to use the app. Google have added an autoVerify attribute to apps that allows the user to be link deep into the native app. This increased interconnectivity is due to App Indexing for Google Search, which is used to index information and connect between apps to share information and data.

Doze is a feature that aims to improve battery life by being observant of motion. The motion detector in the smartphone will be used to see if the device is not being used, and will exponentially slow down background activity of apps. This will be a good thing for users, as no doubt many users have looked at their smartphones after leaving them alone for a few hours to find their battery drained for what seems like no good reason.

Now on tap is an interesting development. How it works is a friend sends you a message asking you about dinner at a new restaurant. Now on tap gives the user information on the restaurant, prices and menus, reviews and more using Google Now within the app. This means that the process of retrieving information will be easier and done within the app being used and links with app links and App Indexing for Google Search.

Android Pay and Fingerprint is designed to be a secure payment method for in store or online at thousands of stores and partner apps. Fingerprint technology in Android will allow apps to add another level of security for users when it comes to unlocking the device or apps, or making payments online.

New development tools are also being released. Android Studio V1.3 Preview, Android Design Support Library and Google Play Services V7.5 are being released to help developers who will be developing apps for Android M.

Source: Google

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