Apple Macbook AirCertainly it is common knowledge by now that the 13-inch MacBook Air is both powerful and thin, but no matter how narrow the laptop, some people are just not satisfied. So the 11-inch is a two-inch compromise to fulfill these needs.

At first sight, the 11-inch model is just a smaller rendition of the 13-inch, even matching the appearance of last year’s. The unifying feature in the design is the uni-body casing. The material is aluminum and the slim profile bestows an elegance on the machine that is unparalleled. It quite clearly is a solid laptop made for toting.

Although the smaller the machine the tighter the working space and the stronger the feeling of being cramped, the 11-inch MacBook Air does not suffer from this air. The casing matches more closely the 13-inch than the screen does.

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