Acer Aspire 5755GThe Acer Aspire 5750G is a decent middle of the line gaming machine, mostly because of the dedicated graphics and in spite of the slightly weak processor. So when the news arrived that they had produced a newer rendition people were scrambling to test drive it. Their enthusiasm was appropriately placed. The Acer 5755G Laptop is more than a CPU upgrade, it has a new chassis.

The looks are sleek, with the gunmetal colored body and the black textured lid. But you are not likely to be impressed by that. So let’s look closer. Ports abound on this model, with a USB 3.00, two USB’s 2.00, an HDMI output, a multi-card reader and a DVD reader. It lacks Blue-ray and the construction is not the best. However, for Acer it’s a step up, including a bit of give in the keyboard that improves its portability. The overall impression is that there is an improvement over previous models by Acer.

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