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OLO 3D Printer successfully raised $2.3 Million on Kickstarter

Olo 3D PrinterImagine being able to use your phone to print in 3D. That’s what the OLO 3D printer, found on Kickstarter, enables you to do. The process is simple on Android, iOS or Windows phones. Get the OLO, install the app on a smartphone with a flat screen and you’re ready to print.

The OLO 3D printer is usable for beginners or experts. It requires no specialist knowledge to create 3D prints. Cloud software is used to store your designs. Users are able to upload their designs, keep them private or share them with others. If you’re especially proud of your design, you can charge other users a small fee for its use.

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Kickstarter project David promises “next gen 3D printing”

  • 14/09/2014 at 19:43 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Kickstarter David 3D PrintingRight now, 3D printing, while not in its infancy any longer, is still somewhere around its toddler years. Despite that, a new Kickstarter project by the name of gaming is already promising its “next generation”.

What makes this 3D printer different from others is that it doesn’t rely on simple filament. Instead, it utilizes multiple pelletized materials, creating a new means of production that could potentially revolutionize this already exciting step in technology.

They call it Fused Layer Extrusion (FLEX), their response to a lack of any multiple material 3D printers on the market. According to them, the use of more materials means better prints, which means more applications to the technology. A sound argument, and a wonderful development if their prototypes are all they are hyping them to be.

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