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OLO 3D Printer successfully raised $2.3 Million on Kickstarter

Olo 3D PrinterImagine being able to use your phone to print in 3D. That’s what the OLO 3D printer, found on Kickstarter, enables you to do. The process is simple on Android, iOS or Windows phones. Get the OLO, install the app on a smartphone with a flat screen and you’re ready to print.

The OLO 3D printer is usable for beginners or experts. It requires no specialist knowledge to create 3D prints. Cloud software is used to store your designs. Users are able to upload their designs, keep them private or share them with others. If you’re especially proud of your design, you can charge other users a small fee for its use.

OLO 3D Printer Technical Information

The X-Y resolution is up to 0.042mm, depending on your phone’s screen. The Z resolution is up to 0.036mm and .012mm in quick print mode. The OLO is auto-levelling, meaning you don’t need to calibrate the machine. It’s battery operated, portable, quiet and light. OLO is the first battery operated 3D printer.

The Resins

The body of the OLO 3D printer is made from technopolymers. The resin used in this is a daylight photopolymer that comes in 4 materials and 5 colors. Molds can be made for metals like silver and gold using a castable resin. The resins are solid 80 poly, with a white color, matte finish and are hard. The red, yellow and blue 60 polys are in a matte finish and is a flexible material. The black 80 poly has a matte finish and is a hard material. Wax 60 poly is gray, matte finish is like hard wax and is fusable. The clear 50 poly is glossy, like soft PVC and is flexible. The soft poly 30 is amber in color, shiny in finish, like silicon and the material, is elastic.

The print bed is a flexible film for easy removal of the print. Maintenance is made simple. Cleaning is only required after use and the film replaced after 3 prints. The actuators last a while and there’s no need for lubrication.

The OLO 3D printer is $99 with a white 80 / 100g bottle and a sticker set. A set of 4 resins is $73, available in Archi set, stamp set, edu set of Goldsmith set. A 6 resin pack is $103. $119 gets an OLO, 2 white resin bottles, an OLO gift pack and a sticker pack. An OLO pack with the pro-pack and 3D printer is $129. A complete modeller set is $133, a twin pack is $239. Other packs are available on the Kickstarter site.

Source: Kickstarter

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