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Enhance Your TV Experience with DreamScreen Smart LED Backlighting

DreamScreen Smart LED BacklightingTV sets are improving rapidly. The image and picture quality is amazing in newer TVs. Most people don’t update their TVs until the sets aren’t working. The DreamScreen is designed to enhance the image of your TV. This device can improve movies, TV, video games and music film clips using LED lighting and can connect to any TV configuration with HDMI.

DreamScreen has a responsive rate of 60 frames per second to making your entertainment experience something massive. An HDMI stick connects the TV to the LED lights. The DreamScreen can be used with Comcast, DirectV, Time Warner Cable, Xfinity, Dish Network, Verizon FIOS, Satellite and all other cable companies. The DreamScreen can use the Apple TV, ChromeCast, Amazon Fire, Roku, Slingbox, Nexus Player, Wii, DVD or Bluray Player, Playstation and Xbox.

iOS and Android apps are available. These apps allow you to control every aspect of entertainment experience. The sound and visual options give you a lot of control over the screen. Being able to control the settings of the screen with an app is easier than using regular settings. An app gives more control to the use than the traditional method.

There are three different modes; Video, Music and Ambient Light. Video Mode has the colours enhances from the LED lights reacting with the original screen. This mode enhances movies, TV series and video games.  Music Mode takes the pitch or frequency of the music and creates on-screen visuals. Ambient Mode is for setting the mood by using the LED lights to shine on the wall behind.

The DreamScreen improves TVs without the need of updating to a new set. The Ambient Mode is different and is something no other TV can do. Ambient Mode is in part a gimmick, but for some people might use this feature a lot. Installation is simple and instructions are found on the Kickstarter site.

The Kickstarter prices are $125 for 1 DreamScreen package, $225 for 2 DreamScreens, $325 for 3 DreamScreens and 50 DreamScreens for $5000. Stretch goals include new Ambient Modes if $40,000 is hit, Smart Watch Control for Apple and Android if $50,000 is reached, new Music Mode Audio Visualizers and Minimum Scene Luminosity if $150,000 is reached.

Source: Kickstarter

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