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Mould the sound – Revols earphones are rockingly comfortable

Revols EarphonesRevols is aiming to bring a “REVOLution” to earphones. The promise of the Revols earphones is that they will mould to your ears in 60 seconds. To mould to the shape of your ears, Revols will have an app that controls the moulding process. The earphones start in a gel-like state and become permanently hardened to customise the shape of the user’s ear.

Headphones have become a regular sight on the streets, on public transport, or anywhere that a person wants to turn off distractions from the outside world. If you’ve worn headphones, and chances are you have, it’s had to find a pair that sit in your ears well. Everyone’s ears individual and earbuds aren’t one-size fits all. Having an ill-fitting pair of headphones can cause irritation or pain in the ears. Not many companies have released headphones that mould to the shape of a person’s ear. Sound quality, loudness,  and noise cancellation are nice features but there’s always a one-size fits all attitude when it comes to design.

The speakers in Revols, which is important in any audio device, are powered by Onkyo. Onkyo has over 70 years of experience in sound and audio, so this is a partnership that combines an audio company that knows what it’s doing with a startup that has new thinking. The soundscape that is created by the Revols earphones is customizable using the app. The sound isn’t always manageable, and the noise around you can affect the sound quality of the earphones. Each earpiece has a mic that controls background noise coming through. If you’re walking around the city, in the middle of a workout or focused on working you can know what noises are coming from and be safe.

The Revols earphones has Bluetooth, equaliser, cable management discs, two sizes of moulding tips, hands-free calling, in-line volume and playback controls and APT-X. The app is available for iOS, Android and Microsoft. Backers on Kickstarter can get a pair of Revols for $199 that comes with 2-sets of moulding tips, 1 carry case, 1 revive battery pack, 1 charging cable, two sports skis and two cable management discs. $299 gets you the same pack with an engraved carry case. $369 gets backers two sets of Revols, $429 gets you two sets of Revols with engraved cases and $879 gets backers five pairs of Revols. A VIP package is $1,099.

The VIP pack includes five pairs of earphones, 5 Revol t-shirts, with an engraved case, Revive battery pack, two sets of moulding tips, 1 charging cable, two sports skins and two cable management discs plus a video chat with Dan and Navi, CEO and CTO of Revols. $2,999 gets backers the same pack as the VIP option with a visit to Revols’ head office in Canada.

Source: Kickstarter

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