Nest introduces Cam, the update to Dropcam

Nest CamLast year, Nest bought Dropcam, a home security company famous for their wireless streaming webcams. Dropcam would tell users if someone had broken into their home, if their kids had gotten in safely from school, if their pets were alright, and anything else that could be seen through the direct feed. Now, they have updated that product and introduced Nest Cam.

According to the press release, Nest Cam is meant to be the next generation of home security footage. They wanted it to be more thorough and “thoughtful”. They achieved this by taking the best features of the Dropcam, and added to them.

The 1080p video camera has both a day setting and Night Vision, with 24 hours recording on a cloud. This footage can be stored and rewound back up to thirty days, and used to establish patterns for better monitoring.

A little creepily, there is both a mic and speaker to capture audio, and to speak back if necessary. So lets say you see your kids fighting after school while you are at work. You can give them a talking to from the office.

It comes with a redesigned stand that is magnetic. So you can mount the base to the wall or put it on a surface, fixing the Cam anywhere. This also makes it an effective nanny cam, as it would be more easily hidden this way.

With the 8x zoom, you can zero in on details when necessary, including in the captured footage when rewatching. They have placed in sensors so movement and light won’t confuse the system and cause delays or problems, like switching from day to night vision if the flood lights go on in the driveway, or someone breaks in with a flashlight.

Through the app, you can capture clips and turn them into mini videos when necessary. Nest makes it seem as though this is to record and isolate something “cute” your kid or pet does. But that is obvious bull…if you capture something shady, you can save it for legal purposes. And isn’t that the real reason someone would install something like this, and use that feature?

While this does work as a security system, just like any cam and app combo you are seeing these days, it seems like more of a spy camera. I have a feeling a lot of divorce courts are going to be seeing footage from these things in the coming years.

Source: Nest

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