Sesame gives us a high tech key that you can’t lose

Sesame Smart KeyLockIf you are tired of always having to hunt for your keys, there is a new alternative that you might like. Sesame is a device that connects to your door, and then allows you to unlock is through your smartphone.

Sesame is the latest in a trend of smart locking devices that have been hitting crowdfunding websites over the last several months. But this one seems much simpler than the others.

You have a single device that installs to any standard deadlock common in the US, and it does so in a couple of seconds. You then download the app, and use it on your smartphone. That’s it; very simple, very quick, and very easy.

The app itself allows you to lock and unlock, unlock remotely, and recognizes people you have said cannot have access. If someone tries to gain access without authorization, you are given an alert.

This feature in particular would make it very beneficial for people who are renting out properties, such as vacation rentals. Or just who allow people to stay with them regularly. You could let them in, no matter where you are, and not have to worry about extra keys floating around.

Sesame Smart KeyLock SystemThe Sesame runs on lithium batteries that last an estimated 500 hours. When they run low, you will be given an alert with plenty of time to change them out without risking getting locked out.

It come in five designs, four solid color and one made with a wood motif (which is ugly as sin, but that is just a personal opinion).

I think this is a really cool device, as someone who hates taking her keys out when running, or doing anything that I am not taking my car for. You know that jingling in your pocket when you jog? I am totally up for anything that gets rid of that aggravating sensation.

On the other hand, the price is a bit steep. There are some products out there that are innovative, and some that perform a function in a better way than what is currently available.

This may or may not be one of those functional products. Yes, it is a cool idea. It technically gives you more control and security, and the “military grade” encryption they boast about in the video helps alleviate some concerns.

But this is just one key. It doesn’t account for the other keys you have in your life, like your car keys, for example. If I am walking to the store, or taking a jog around the block, then it is great. But if you are doing anything else that requires you to drive, you are taking your keys with you anyway.

All in all, this one seems mixed.

Source: Kickstarter

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