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Impression Pi: a mobile connected virtual reality headset

Impression PIAll of our devices are becoming interconnected, from gaming to entertainment to education. The Impression Pi is hoping to continue that trend with a mobile connected virtual reality headset that can be used for a multitude of customized purposes.

The prevalence of virtual reality headsets since the Oculus Rift hit the mainstream is startling. But many, while impressive, lack the interconnected capabilities that we have come to expect. Impression Pi is the latest to try and close that gap, offering a similar setup to the teased Microsoft HoloLens.

Advanced gesture and position tracking makes it a great device for gaming in a widening world of VR-capable immersion concepts. Sensitivity to controls and movements allow the user to do anything from take mobile calls to use social networking platforms from within the device itself.

Instead of always creating an entirely different world within the headset, the dual cameras allow the Impression Pi to overlay images in the real world. So the user can see their environment with changes created in a virtual reality, combining the tangible and intangible, and integrating movements to make what were once just images into something real and interactive.

We saw this kind of technology displayed when Microsoft showed the coming Project HoloLens, making this an impressive jump ahead in the game of one of the most advanced headsets so far encountered.

Of course, without the talent and money behind Microsoft, or the years of secretive development, it is hard to say how much the two will truly match once Microsoft releases their final product. But Impression Pi is more than just “good for a Kickstarter project”. It is a truly remarkable piece of modern tech that is taking virtual reality to the next level.

Impression PI FeaturesAs far as design is concerned, they call it “fashionable”. But in truth it is the same clunky, massive face-box that makes the wearer look like a member of Daft Punk. That is one issue¬†that will probably take a few years to fix as the technology itself become sleeker, more powerful, and more light weight.

In the meantime, it is hard to complain. The features of this latest VR release are fascinating, and shows the virtual reality is no longer science fiction.

You can still take advantage early bird specials, and it is worth jumping on the opportunity if you are truly interested in VR. Once headsets like this hit the shelves, the price is sure to go up dramatically.

Source: Kickstarter

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