Cmoar headset uses VR to bring you augmented reality customized to your device

Cmoar VR Augmented RealityA new VR headset of Kickstarter is looking for create a new way of using smartphones to provide an alternate reality headset. Cmoar adapts to different smartphone models, and uses a series of sensors, functions and integrated electronics to deliver a new entertainment and educational experience.

Virtual and augmented reality devices are being developed faster than they can be monitored. Most are dedicated headsets or holographic projectors that create a system in themselves that are completely isolated by brand.

Cmoar is something a bit different. Rather than creating a dedicated headset, it is instead providing a more affordable and adaptive gateway into the technology. Using either the universal base that adapts to all phones, or the base that fits the iPhone 6+, you can create your own virtual reality headset that is aimed at both entertainment and education.

This kind of idea presented a unique problem: how do you adapt to different smartphones given different frame rates, response times, movements, sensitivity, and other issues? The developers of Cmoar got over this hump by integrating several electronics, including external sensors that allow for a customized experience based on the smartphone as its basis, not the headset itself.

With 150+ compatible smartphones, it is an impressive foray into more accessible and expandable products within a realm that is only just starting to see its real potential.

The only downside is that in order to use the Cmoar for all of its intended purposes, you have to bulk it up with additional accessories. It reminds me a bit of the consoles of yesteryear, before it was possible to get the full experience with just a couple of addons. Remember when early video game systems used to have whole other consoles you had to plug into the initial consoles until it was this Jenga monstrosity teetering on your living room floor?

Some of the accessories available for the Cmoar is a gamepad, a power bank, a couple of different bases, a stand, and several other items that seem like they would have been better built into the device itself.

Regardless, this is a very cool addition to the VR landscape starting to form, and proof that you can make a more affordable, simple solution that is integrated with current devices and technology. If further developed, the entire idea could lead to some really great things.

You can still give to this campaign, so check it out!

Source: Kickstarter

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