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Andromium wants to turn your smartphone into a desktop computer

Andromium User InterfaceWhen you look at the computing power of the average smartphone, then compare it to desktop computers fifteen years ago, the difference is staggering. Andromium wants to take advantage of that.

This unique Kickstarter campaign takes smartphones (primarily the Galaxy series of Samsung phones, based on their demos), and uses it as an operating system similar to a PC.

By placing it inside of a base connected via HDMI to your chosen display, it loads up like an application. Wireless compatibility via the device links it to a mouse and keyboard.

It is only a simple dock, and a rather cheap one, at that. The founder used to work for Google, and it shows. With low cost products like the Chromebook and Chromecast, Andromium follows in a similar vein. It is cheap, highly functional, and compatible with many different devices that run Android software.

The OS runs a series of applications, such as the Andromium browser that connects to the web. You can install widgets that show things like stocks on the side of the screen. The apps are a suite of compatible programs, which offer both tools and services.

Android apps are also supported, turning them into full screen apps from where they are downloaded in your phone. This gives it support for most apps already out there, such as YouTube.

Work Anywhere

While the entertainment and personal aspects of this project are immense, perhaps the more enticing part is the ability to turn this into a portable work station. Since it connects to any HDMI run display, you can turn nearly anything into a computer while on the go.

Just image being able to use the mobile version of the Google Sheets or Docs app on a large screen, collaborating or working when you need to, and then accessing it later on your phone.

Shockingly, this project has not yet hit its goal. But it has 46 hours left, so if you are interested, you should give them a look. For just $35, you can get your own doc. They also have specials for people who want to buy multiple devices as a bulk order.

Ultimately, if you have an Android phone, it is worth dropping a bit of cash to support this project. It shows the steps being taken to truly combine the desktop and mobile experience, in a way that goes far beyond synced apps and services.

We could use more ideas like this.

Source: Kickstarter

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