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Social alarm app Wakie now available for iOS

Wakie AppApple users who hate alarm clocks can now rejoice, because the popular social alarm app Wakie has been released for the iOS platform. It connects people from around the world for a more sociable way to wake up.

Despite its popularity, the community of dedicated Wakie users is still relatively small. That may change now that the app has been launched for the Apple platform. Now people with iPhones can get in on the fun, and take part in their own early morning shenanigans.

For those not in the know, here is how it works:

  • You sign up as a Sleepyhead, a Wakie, or both.
  • In your settings, select the times that you can take part, including when you want to be woken up.
  • When your “alarm” goes off, it will actually be a phone call. This call will be done by someone from anywhere across the globe.
  • You have one minute to chat before the app cuts you off.
  • If you are a Wakie, you pass it forward by waking someone else up when you have a minute to spare.

The science behind Wakie is pretty simple. Speaking to a stranger engages certain cues in the social part of the brain. You want to be polite, and you are forced to pay attention to answer their questions or engage in a civil interchange. This wakes your brain up much more effectively than random noise does, since it sparks it into immediate action.

On an emotional level, the creators claim it also puts you in a good mood by making you behave nicely the moment you wake up. By aiming to be cheerful to the person on the other line, you start your day off with that cheerful mentality. It sets the tone for all other interactions that follow.

Whether that final point is true, at least the part about it waking you up is. The second part may have something behind it, from a purely speculative argument, as the users of Wakie seem to be quite dedicated. You can even connect with yours fellow Sleepyheads by writing on the forum.

New features are currently being developed, such as a five minute cut off, the ability to create a private or public profile, and more ways to connect as a network. It is an interesting idea, and you can try it yourself. Wakie is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Source: Wakie

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