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Post-Holiday gift guide for tech junkies

Happy HolidaysThe holidays are all but over, with New Years just around the corner. It is too late to be buying gifts, right? Wrong! Plenty of us don’t get presents for certain people in our lives until after the holiday rush. Coworkers, friends, acquaintances…it is sometimes just easier to wait until the post-Christmas sales to start buying them their presents.

For those tech junkies in your life will waiting for a gift, here are ten cool ones to consider.

  1. Chromecast ($29.99) – TV is changing, and nothing shows that more clearly than Chromecast. This interesting little device released by Google connects to the HDMI port of your television and streams your media through smartphones, tablets, or computers. Right now, US buyers can get three months of Hulu Plus free with purchase.
  2. Leapfrog LeapBand ($39.99) – In a world where there are so many sedentary distractions, it can be hard to make sure kids get as much activity as they should. Or just teaching them to appreciate physical exercise. This is the first ever wearable fitness tracker for kids, with pet customization challenges, and rewards.
  3. 1-Year Playstation+ Subscription ($49.99) – Between Playstation Plus and XBox Live, the PS premium service is a lot  better. Fewer outages, more free games regularly released, and none of the downsides of owning an XBox, it has a lot of benefits. If you have a PS lover in your life, this would be one appreciated gift. There is also a cheaper 3 month subscription option available.
  4. LaCie PetiteKey 8GB USB Flash Drive ($9.99) – Everyone has that one coworker who is constantly losing their USB drive. This one looks like a key and goes right on your ring. So the recipient will always know where their USB drive is…as long as they don’t lose their keys, too.
  5. dockBoss Bluetooth Audio Dock ($34.95) – Use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect this dock to a number of devices, from smartphones to tablets. Create a portable audiosystem with great sound, to share music wherever you go.
  6. Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone ($29.99) – This is a great introductory smartphone for someone on your list who is wary about more expensive devices. It is affordable, but has a surprising list of features in spite of the low price tag. There is no contract required to run it, and packages are as low as $40 per month.
  7. Toshiba Canvio 1.0 TB USB 3.0 Basics Portable Hard Drive ($59.99) – While cloud storage is becoming more popular, many people don’t want to trust their files to those services. That is when having a large, portable hard drive is helpful. This is one of the cheapest 1TB versions on the market, but it still has an ultra-high quality rating, and comes from one of the stalwart brands in computer technology.
  8. Amazon Kindle ($79.00 – $99.00) – There was recently a study that showed backlight from reading on devices like tablets could badly impact sleeping patterns, and potentially health. But Kindle’s, which react to the environment and are not backlit (at least not the basic Kindle) do not have that problem. Plus, they are just really great to have around.
  9. Anker Smartphone Stand ($9.99) – Sometimes it is nice to be able to prop up your smartphone and watch or read something from the screen. As someone who has repeatedly managed to drop her phone directly on her head while reading laying down (shut up), I can attest to the need for this kind of accessory.
  10. myCharge Peak 6000 Rechargeable Power Bank ($52.82 + $7.60 shipping) – Store extra power for emergencies, and charge up to three devices at once. This portable power bank gives you up to 27 more hours of talk time (3G), 34 more hours of video, or 134 more hours of music. This is fantastic for travel.

Do you have any suggestions for good tech gifts? Let us know in the comments!

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