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Solid details on Motorola’s new Nexus 6 leaked on the Internet

Motorola Nexus 6 LeakFor months we have been hearing little spoilers here and there for the latest in the Nexus line. But now we have a real look at the latest Nexus 6, the Android and Motorola collaboration.

More like a phablet thanks to its rather large 5.9″ screen, it looks like it will be an impressive addition to the Nexus family. Especially for those who are put off by the latest controversy at Apple, with the iPhone 6 and 6+ bending in people’s pockets.

Technical Specs

According to the leak, the Nexus 6 is looking to compete against Samsung with a full 2560 x 1440. display. Which isn’t as high as some devices go, but it is pretty much the point where you stop noticing the increase in clarity (at least or me).

It packs a 2.6GHz Snapdragon 805 quad-core CPU, which will do well with the full 3 GB of RAM it will have on board. This puts it on par with yesterday’s announcement about the latest Blackberry Passport. It looks as though 3 GB is the latest upgrade for smartphones.

Another way it is similar to the Passport is the 32 GB on board storage, which is becoming a popular choice. It is more than the paltry 16 GB that many choose for a cheaper price, which is a problem given how most of us use our phones as media storage and players.

The Nexus 6 has a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. Again, very similar to the Passport (13 MP and 2 MP, respectively).

It will run Android L.

I have mixed feelings on Android phones. On one hand, they are everywhere thanks to Google’s habit of taking part in more collaborations than Lil Wayne. They tend to be solid devices at the top of the line. Yet every single Android device I have owned has been buggy, drops apps constantly, and in general leaves me fuming.

In spite of that, the Nexus 6 seems to be a great smartphone. Sure, it seems to be more or less a Moto X with some beefier features. But the higher CPU and a good processing chip should provide a smooth and highly integrated experience.

Final verdict? I don’t know, they won’t be released until November. But given the stable reputation of the Nexus brand, and what we now know for sure, it looks pretty good on paper. If you are a die hard Nexus fan, or just a Motorola junkie, this could be worth waiting for.

Source: 9 – 5 Google


  1. Travis Stindt

    I know that if the Nexus 6/X has a 5.9 inch screen I won’t be buying it. There is absolutely no need for a phone to be that big. Just get a tablet if you want something that big.

    • I agree with you, a 5.9 inch Nexus it’s just too big. I just hope Google won’t make it that huge, and go for a 5.2 inch display.

      • Travis Stindt

        Same here. I bet a lot of people won’t buy it because of the large screen size. I hope they don’t get any bigger than 5.2 inch.

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