Kickstarter project Noke offers padlocks for the future

KickStarter Project Noke PadlockTired of padlocks with keys and combinations? FUZ Designs was, so they came up with a solution: Noke, the first Bluetooth activated lock that connects to your iPhone or Android devices.

According to the Kickstarter info, Noke works by connecting wirelessly to Bluetooth 4.0 available in either Apple or Android smartphones via their app. When you are within ten feet, you can click on the latch and it will open for you. If you are more than ten feet away, it will remain locked and you will get a push notification about the attempted breach.

The auto-unlock can be turned off at any time, and the distance can be altered so you are closer, or further away. But it isn’t just basic padlock security that the Noke handles.

If you want to share the Noke for whatever reason, or allow someone one time/continuous access, you can set up their own code and use. That can be revoked remotely, and monitored through the app so you know who is using it, when. Or you can set specific days and times where it is accessible via certain codes.

This gives you full control over the padlock, unlike the risks involved in sharing a combination or key.

If your battery dies in your phone, or you don’t have it on you, you can also set up an emergency combination that will open it anyway. If the battery in the Noke is dying, it will alert you when it reaches a percentage via smartphone. You can then pop off the back and replace it. If the battery is already completely dead, you can jump start it via an external battery to allow the backing to open.

Project Noke Padlock ComponentsThe Noke as one optional accessory, an attachable chain that lets you lock up your bike. The additional chain costs $20.

It would seem that FUZ Designs thought of everything, with this fantastic device. Which is probably why it has already passed up the $400,000 mark. You can get your own for $59, now.

Source: Kickstarter

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