Is Apple really buying Beats by Dr. Dre ?

Apple and Beats by Dr. Dre LogoDr. Dre has always had his hand in plenty of projects, though always lagged behind contemporary Jay-Z in the business world. That may no longer be the case as Apple is rumored to have just bought his product Beats for a staggering $3.2 billion.

It will be the largest acquisition in Apple history. It will also be the first time a hip-hop artist breaks the billionaire Forbes list, a position most seemed to assume would be taken by legend Jay-Z.

A video [NSFW] was posted, and then removed, on Facebook that showed an inebriated Dr. Dre and Tyrese Gibson boasting about how things had just changed in a big way.

“Oh Shit, the Forbes list just changed,” Tyrese said in the clip. Indeed, it has.

What does this mean? Well, Apple has just expanded their product accessory line, for one. Their patented headphones sold with their iPhone and iPod line have always done alright, but this shows a change in focus that moves them more deeply into accessories than they ever have been before.

As far as Beats in general go, they aren’t that impressive. But the marketing scheme is, as Dre and associates managed to force the world to pay attention through sheer personality. The headphones themselves are not much different than any mid-range brand with a sound equalizing element that heightens the base.

That isn’t a surprising draw for Apple, however, who have always been as much about flash as they are about substance. The name behind Beats is enough to give it serious cred that could boost sales for Apple.

We don’t have an official announcement yet, but it will be coming soon. And this video is more or less confirmation alone.

Do you think Apple will be upset by the reveal?

Source: The Next Web

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