Samsung expands their tablet line with budget friendly Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 LiteSamsung has announced that they will be releasing a new tablet in the Galaxy line, the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. While there is no word yet on the price, based on the tech specs it looks as though the company is aiming for a more budget friendly tablet this time around.

Though they have put a lot of focus on high end technology, Samsung has not forgotten the potential for users with simpler needs. They have been slowly releasing more affordable options, and based on the hardware, the Tab 3 Lite looks like it falls into that category.

Tech Specs

The 7-inch display screen is still rather high definition at 1024 x 600. But with how much energy Samsung has been putting to making their screens the highest resolution on the market, it is a major drop. It is the same rate as their first Galaxy Tab, which has since had several generational updates.

Other indications that this is a budget tablet are its hardware. The Marvell PXA986 processing chip is a 1.2 Ghz, and it runs only 1 GB RAM. The storage is 8 GB standard, with a microSD slot to expand up to 32 GB.

It will run Android JellyBean, which is no surprise given how many devices are sticking with that generation rather than upgrading to KitKat. It will have all of the general app capabilities of their other devices, though with the RAM and CPU you will experience some speed issues for programs taking more resources.

One feature surprise was the single camera. Instead of having a front camera of lower pixel resolution for face chatting, it has only a 2 MP read camera. That might be a deal breaker for some users.

Whether this Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is any good is going to come down to the price. They have built a lower performance device, and it should have a budget price tag. There are plenty of competing brands that have higher performance tablets for little cash, such as Amazon’s Fire. Hopefully, the cost of the Tab 3 Lite will reflect that.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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