Microsoft is preparing Windows 9 ‘Threshold’

MicrosoftWindows 8 has hardly been out, but already Microsoft is apparently distancing themselves from the platform version and setting their sights on Windows 9, codenamed ‘Theshold’. At least that is rumor currently circulating the web as a well known Microsoft blogger claims the newest version could be announced as soon as April.

The news comes from blogger Paul Thurrott, a prolific Microsoft expert who leaked the news on his site a couple of days ago. Since then, the net has been buzzing about the release, which comes right on the heels of the latest Windows version.

From the moment it was first launched, Windows 8 has had its share of critics. Trying to shift more into a UI based on their mobile OS, the translation was not nearly as flawless as they might have hoped.

Developers and casual users alike trashed Microsoft over the change, calling the design clunky and unmanageable. Bugs were prevalent in the system, and frustrated anyone who had made the switch from the much more popular Windows 7.

Updates have been announced, and a few are already behind us. They will seek to create a more cohesive, matured version of the controversial interface, and give users some of the features they preferred with 7.

This seems to be the formula for Microsoft’s Windows updates: release something good, release something awful that is universally hated, release something beloved. So if the pattern continues, Windows 9 is going to be a powerhouse. Think Windows XP following Windows 2000, or Windows 7 following Windows Vista. Windows 8 was a disaster, so 9 is going to be amazing.

Right now, all we know for sure is there is a project codenamed Threshold. Thurrott claims that is really the new operating system, which will be unveiled in a preview during the company’s April 2014 BUILD dev conference. From there, we should see a 2015 release date.

With Ballmer leaving the tech giant and a new CEO on the horizon (allegedly), this could be the end of one era and the beginning of a new one for Windows. Hopefully, they move away from their insistent attempts to mirror their mobile UI. Computers are not smartphones, they should have a more intuitive design for a computer user. Not a shoddy copy that is made for an entirely different device style.

At the very least, Windows 9 better have sticky notes, dammit!

Source: WinSuperSite

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