Microsoft may have finally found a CEO

MicrosoftReports are circulating the web that Microsoft, which has been struggling to find a replacement for outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer, may have finally made their choice.

Satya Nadella is allegedly poised to take the CEO position, but that isn’t all. He could also be taking Bill Gates place on the Board of Directors, another big surprise that hasn’t yet been confirmed.

The move to promote Nadella is an interesting one. So far, media reports have been focused on outside candidates that may have potentially been shortlisted for the job. But there had been no real speculation about in-company advancement.

Unlike other potentials that were listed, Nadella already works in a high profile position with Microsoft. He is the executive vice president of their Cloud and Enterprise Department, and has been with the company since 1992. Prior to that, he worked for Sun Microsystems.

In every position he has held within the company, he has made them a lot of money, overseeing profitable divisions that have earned billions. He was also a key developer on various important projects, like Bing and MSN. Most recently, he was at the head of efforts to develop and push Windows Azure cloud services.

So far, his possible appointment is gaining a lot of attention in his native born India. Originally raised in Hyderabad, he attended university Begumpet and earned his bachelor’s degree. He then moved to the US and gained his master’s in business administration and another in computer science.

We don’t have confirmation on any of this, and Microsoft is refusing to respond to questions from the media about his candidacy. However, they are not giving the standard line about having not made a decision, as they have been before. Now they are saying that the board has yet to make a vote, all but confirming the fact that Nadella is up for the role.

Stay tunes for more details about this one as it develops. But we should expect an answer sometime next week.

Source: Washington Post

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