Google preparing to launch their own smartwatch

GoogleGoogle is planning the release of their own smartwatch, and are allegedly already in talks with manufacturing firms in Asia. It appears that Google’s wearable technology efforts will not just be reliant on Google Glass, sources familiar with a new project have said.

In the face of Apple preparing to launch their own iWatch in late 2013 to early 2014, and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear already out on the market, it isn’t surprising that Google is looking to release their own Android based wearable smartwatch. But rumor has it that it that they are wanting to create something entirely different with their version.

Two criticisms (which I have brought up numerous times in the past myself) remain prevalent with smartwatches: their battery life, which is slim in current models, and the true extent of their application. The Galaxy Gear, for example, is nothing more than an added step between yourself and your phone. With a pedometer.

Google so far plans to integrate their smartwatch with their Google Now service. The personal assistant app is pretty much the Android equivalent of Siri. It predicts useful information, answers questions, plans and alerts you to your calendar, and connects to other Google services. We can presume it would also link to things like email (Gmail, for sure), Google+ and possibly other social  networks, and your Android phone.

What makes Google smartwatch different than the Galaxy Gear is that it would have a wider range of features. Mainly due to Google already dominating the internet landscape, and having so many easily included services. It would immediately be more functional than Samsung or other brand devices.

The main contender for dominance in the wearable tech sector is Apple, which also has a number of features it can implement for better compatibility. Though details on their coming device have been a much more tightly kept secret.

Let’s face it, the Gear has been a bust. Reports state that already a third of those bought have been returned, which is quite a blow to the brand. While Google and Apple are sure to have greater success, the technology as it stands now is still pretty underwhelming.

Until the capabilities of such devices grow significantly, there is still no incentive beyond buying the latest toy to own one. Because you can get more from a regular smartphone…including the time.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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