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Details about two Amazon smartphones hit the web

Amazon LogoAs we watch Amazon move further and further into the consumer device market, it becomes apparent that they are seeking to become major contenders to the brands of the age. Now that isn’t just a matter of tablets, but also with the coming release of two smartphones: Project Smith and one unnamed which could be a lower budget smartphone.

For the moment, the details are a little sketchy. They are still in development, and so a lot of changes have yet to be made before they get an actual launch. But there are a couple of features that Amazon is really pushing for.

The first and most intriguing feature is a 3D interface that is expected to come on the more expensive of the two models, Project Smith. It will also include 3D eye tracking, though the applications to that aren’t yet clear. Rather than make the screen itself 3D – a process fraught with potential setbacks – they are putting four cameras around the phone. Using these cameras to track the eye and head movement of the user, it will adapt the screen intuitively, so that it gives the impression of being in 3D.

Obviously, this is completely impractical and unnecessary. How would it benefit the user in any way? On the other hand, it is really cool and an innovative idea that is being done for bragging rights and creativity’s sake. Considering it is using a method that hasn’t been used before in smartphones, I am all for it.

The second model is rumoured to be a low budget one. Unlike the first, it isn’t a theoretical release. It is expected to hit the market sometime this year, and it won’t be nearly as complex. Think of the Kindle Fire HD, only a phone, and you have what it is pretty much supposed to be. That includes the FireOS operating system that will be powering it.

We have no idea of specs yet. But most likely, both Amazon smartphones will allegedly launch as a cheap, functional alternative to more expensive brands. Really, it is the exact same idea they used for their tablets, which are a more affordable option than their competitors.

That might mean it will have a lot of graphics capability, since they are moving so far into the media market. If that is the case, we can hope for a high resolution display, and enough power under the hood to give you the benefit of that high definition.

Source: TechCrunch

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