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Nokia announced their newest and affordable Lumia 625

Nokia Lumia 625Nokia has been in the smartphone game for awhile, and they are kind of inconsistent with quality. But if you are looking for a budget friendly phone, they can be the way to go as today the company unveiled their new Lumia 625, a Windows phone for under 250 euros.

Immediately when you see the Lumia you will notice the screen. At 4.7″, it is a larger display with a high resolution, but more importantly it has a 201ppi. This shows a certain focus on improving the quality of media streaming on this particular device.The display also has Sunlight Readability Enhancement to make it easier to see details in bright light, High Brightness Mode for when you are in a darker place, Color Enhancement and Super Sensitive Touch.

The processor isn’t bad. They have gone with a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4. Nothing to write home about when you compare it to the quad-core chips being used by other brands like Samsung and HTC. But good enough that it should offer a fast and feature heavy experience.

Nokia claims that with the hardware and the 4G connection it will be 10 times faster when you stream. I am not sure what they are comparing that to…other Lumia models? Other brands? Other series? Whatever the case, the connection and ppi seem to backup the potential streaming speed and quality of online video viewing.

Storage comes in 8GB of on-board space with a micro SD slot in the back, a standard for most Nokia phones. More alarmingly is the only 512 MB of RAM. That is low, even for a cheaper alternative to other Windows phones.

Speaking of disappointing specs, we have the camera. It is only 5-megapixels, which they are trying to talk up by adding auto-focus, LED flash and a front-facing direction. You know, three things you would expect on even the most basic camera phone. I am not sure why Nokia chose to go backward in sophistication when models like the Galaxy S4 are choosing to go crazy with their cameras.

At least the design seems solid. The phone itself is thin, lightweight and the Windows OS is more compact to fit the size of the screen more naturally. It comes in several colors, which are bright and have a kind of lighthearted feel to them. I have always been a sucker for solid color phone cases, not sure why.

In the end, this is like a lot of Nokia phones. It is a cheaper alternative to more expensive brands, and it will offer you plenty of features for your troubles.

Source: Nokia

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