Dell wants to invest in wearable computing

Dell HeadquarterWearable computing has been a dream of technology companies for a long time, and many incarnations have been introduced over the years. From the early days of the Virtual Boy gaming system, to today’s full system Google Glass, it is the holy grail in a time of a struggling PC industry. That’s why Dell is thinking of getting on board.

Despite there being some rather critical reviews of the Google Glass device, Dell is considering throwing their hat into the ring and making their own wearable computer. This move is in response to their dying sales, as PC’s become a thing of the past and mobile devices launch us into the future.

So far, nothing has been officially announced. The company is looking into the possibility of beginning such a project. But cost and the ability to create a truly dynamic device that beats the ideas of competing companies is a problem. Already rumors of Apple launching an iWatch are rampant, and other companies like Google have been showing off their latest prototypes, so Dell could also prepare a SmartWatch.

The problem I foresee for this kind of technology is the motive behind it. There isn’t really a demand for computers you can wear. It seems more a way to revolutionize mobile technology, which was already revolutionary in its own right. Like companies are trying to find the next stage in what will sell.

Science fiction has brought us dreams of wearable computers for a long time. But this could actually be a con when it comes to the public’s desire for the real thing. We have been shown for so long the inefficient but flashy fantasy devices, so where would we even start for finding one that was functional on a practical scale?

Google Glass is a great example. Yes, it is very cool. It is definitely a first step in what could end up being a fantastic technological advantage in various industries. But for the average consumer, being able to access Google Maps or apply translated subtitles to a tiny corner of something attached to your face might not hold the same appeal.

While there is no doubt that Dell needs to find a new niche and fast, it is probably a good thing that they haven’t jumped headfirst into this shaky concept. Now, an affordable tablet or even lightweight PC with advanced features? That seems like it would be a much more worthy (and profitable) direction.

Source: The Guardian

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