Google Glass specs are quite impressing

Google GlassAt the beginning of this week Google officially announced the specs of the Glass Explorer Edition. Now that all the rumours about specs have come to an end we can gladly talk about them.

First, we should say that these are just the specs of the first version of Glass, called the Explorer Edition and that will start to be shipped to the backers(explorers) of this project soon.

For start Glass Explorer Edition will come with a display that Google says it’s the equivalent of a 25-inch HD screen from eight feet away(approx 2.4 meters). This should be enough for an eye that is only a few cm away. On board there’s also a 5-megapixel camera, capable of shooting 720p videos and a bone conduction transducer that will deliver audio. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi b/g are used as connectivity features, while 12 GB from a total of 16 GB of flash memory are available for apps and other services. Google says the memory is synced with Google Cloud, which means that all Glass files will be backed up on Google Drive.

The battery life of Google Glass will last up to one full day of typical use, if you don’t abuse Hangouts and video recording which are more battery intensive, according to Google. At a first glance, I believe this specs are quite impressing for a tiny gadget with such a potential. Knowing how this evolved from a huge, ugly device to a tiny and fashioned gadget, I’m anxious to see how the final version will look like.

At the same time with specs announcement, Google also released the documentation of Mirror API, which will help developers build services for Glass. So, if you’re an eager programmer that wants to create the next generation of Glass apps, you should start reading the documentation right now. Right now Google provides sample projects in Python and Java, but I’m sure more will come soon.

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