Google announces Keep, a simple cloud based Note service

Google Keep WebGoogle announced a new service today, called Keep. It’s a simple Note service that allows you to safely save your Notes in the cloud and access them from an Android device or from the web. Google says this should help us get rid of the usual sticky notes we all used in the past.

I test keep a little and it’s very simple, just like the Sticky Notes app I always keep open on my personal computer. When you first access Keep on the web you have a white page and on top of it it’s a field that says “Type Note”. You can a title to your note, a color, attach a photo and make (to-do)lists. It’s just simple as that and it works, so nothing spectacular. Notes can be archived or deleted and on the right side of the page you can tick to order them as a grid or a list view.

Personally I don’t know if this is a direct competitor to Evernote, OneNote or any other premium Notes app, because right now it’s pretty simple and doesn’t have anything spectacular. If OneNote use Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage, Keep has  uses Google Cloud for storage which means secure and fast syncing around different platforms.

The mobile app works on Android 4.0(and higher) devices and the only different thing compared with the desktop version is that it let’s you take advantage of Google’s powerful voice recognition software to transcribe voice notes. I guess Keep is just small part of what Google wants to release this year. I just remember that in the video Google posted almost 1 year ago about Project Glass there was a guy that said “Remind me to get tickets for Monsieur Gayno tonight”, so Keep will most likely be included in Glass project.

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