Unleash the power of Unotelly to watch U.S. and UK Channels Worldwide

UnotellyToday we will not talk about gadgets. Instead we will show you a cool thing that can be used by your smartphone, tablet, PC, TV, Console, Blu-Ray Player and other smart devices).

If you ever wanted to stream content from U.S. or UK websites and you weren’t located inside those countries, that was impossible to do. Well some knew how to trick, but the regular users didn’t. Personally, I wouldn’t try to use a hack that would allow me to watch content that was initially restricted just to U.S. or UK.

Among others, the guys from Unotelly decided to release this service and invite users around the world to sign-up and watch content without any restrictions. I tested this service and I have to say it’s one of the fastest DNS service I’ve ever used and works without any interruptions. Every website that I wanted to access worked and their video content was served fast also.

In the past users used VPN to bypass local restrictions and they were happy, somehow until HD content started to flow. It appears VPN solution was slow, would not support HD and run on devices like Consoles, Smart TVs, or TV boxes(Apple TV, Roku, etc.).

Unotelly uses a DNS solution(UnoDNS), which is more fast, safe and reliable than the VPN solution. There’s actually no lag and no rerouting like it was through traditional VPN access method. It’s simple and fast.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]How to use Unotelly

1. First of all you have to signup for a new account. If you are not sure of this service you can opt in for a Free Trial account which will let you test the service for 8 Days. After that you can choose two types of accounts: UnoDNS Premium and UnoDNS Gold. The price is $3.99 for Premium account and $4.99 for the Gold account(valid for 1 year subsciption).

2. Now that you choose to sign-up for an account, you should login and actually test the service.

3. After you follow their instructions, you will manage to add a DNS to your Internet connection.

4. Now you are ready to use Unotelly and watch the content that was previously restricted due to geographic location.


Now that you learned how to watch restricted content worldwide, we have a surprise for you. We have a discount code for 10 It’s a Gadget readers. For a limited period of time, if you sign-up and add itsagadget at checkout, you’ll get 15 percent discount at all UnoTelly Gold subscriptions( 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 Year).

What do you think about this service ?

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