Duck Duck Moose new iOS app is called Musical Me

Moose Musical MeDuck Duck Moose has always ensured the delivery of quality applications right from the start. When Wheels on the Bus came out, it created quite an expectation. Even to this day, numerous people continue to make use of it because of its helpful tool in the understanding of early child development. It has come to show the importance and the role that technology has in today’s children.

Moose’s newest product is called Musical Me! There are already children that have been trained in the classical musical field making use of this software. It seems this interesting piece of work can help those children that are interested in music, to become professional musicians. Not only that, but they will have the help they need in order to develop their skills and senses. This can be extremely helpful when making it available to young children, since they are the ones that have brains working as sponges, absorbing everything that surrounds them.

Clearly, this is an application that can help both kids and their parents. It provides fun channels of learning and having fun, not to mention that it’s fun enough for parents to actually enjoy it. It’s also interesting to know that today’s apps are actually helping young kids to enhance their musical skills, their motor development, and their general sense of the world.

The application design entails a related resemblance to other applications (comparable examples are Park Math and Fish HD) in regard to the navigation easy. You will find pages that state that indeed no page needs to be turned there. In comparison to past games and applications, Musical Me seems to a lot more playful, yet easier to handle. It comes with numerous characters that have been present in previous apps, perhaps just to sprinkle it with the same style that other Duck Duck Moose games sport. The fact that the app is a lot more fun provides a new window for children to keep learning. The reason behind this is the fact that children are more likely to learn if they are actually enjoying the activity.

An example of how Duck Duck Moose took this into consideration is the fact that when children touch a bird in the app, they will hear the sound of a musical note. This was compared to the fact of fishing a fish, and seeing a number. Clearly, kids would enjoy the first scenario, rather than the first.

Without a doubt, Duck Duck Moose continues in the path of providing magnificent quality apps, which enable young children to stimulate their own senses and steer towards a healthy development. In addition, kudos must be awarded to Duck Duck Moose for being chosen by Apple to be present at the WWDC 2011 and release this application.

With this app, children that are three years old and older will be able to learn basic music features such as pitch and notes. It’s indeed a wonderful tool for kids to discover and practice music.


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