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Samsung Galaxy Pro comes with Android Froyo and an 800 Mhz Processor

Samsung Galaxy ProSamsung Galaxy Pro, the phone that we will be featuring today, is one of the rare QWERTY equipped BlackBerry style which comes with some decent specification. It is certainly not a device for media hungry people especially if you are planning watching videos-this is not the phone for you, but if you want to taste the Android Froyo at its best, this should be the entry level phone you should choose.

This phone is great for the people who are “looking to manage their busy work and social lives.” In order to do that, this phone features a very useful app known as Social Hub. This app lets you manage all your communications starting from official emails to Facebook, Twitter and text messages.

The display of this phone has 2.8 inches which is not so bad for a BlackBerryesque phone and the 320 x 240 pixels resolution is fair for the size. The phone runs on Android Froyo which is not that tasty now as there are so many Gingerbread phones out there. It has a 3.0 megapixels camera at the back and no camera at the front side. The back camera is too good for a 3.0-megapixel and it’s hard to find such camera’s with that resolution though flash is not included with this one. The phone has all other typical Android phone features like GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G and the typical connectivity options.

The internal memory of this phone has 512 MB which is not that much especially when you are going to try a lot of apps from the market, but you can always upgrade your memory to 32GB with microSD cards. The 800 MHz processor is more than enough for both the OS and the apps as you are not going to try very rich apps or games with it. But still there is one great use of the processor in this phone. Surprisingly this phone supports Flash 10.1 which is of course impossible with a V6 processor which justifies the powerful processor with such display. The battery of Galaxy Pro is also an exception when comparing with other Android phones. It uses a 1350 mAh battery which is capable of 600+ hours of standby time and 11 hours of talk time in 2G and 430 hours of standby time and around 6 hours of talk time in 3G networks. There are not many Android phones out there that offer a high battery life with a such processor.

As we said before, this phone is truly featured for business uses and is preloaded with Think Free Office Document Editor which lets you edit MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents on the go. For official communication Galaxy Pro also features Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Android Market gives access to over 150,000 quality apps which should be able to fulfill your demands by adding many missing features.

Samsung Galaxy Pro is not for the typical smartphone users and for the present time it is a bit old fashioned, but still an effective phone with all the necessary features. Maybe this phone is not going to be a hit, but this will provide a new type of choice in the market which is always good thing for the users.  Samsung Galaxy Pro smartphone is available now in most of the markets around the world.


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  1. Moosa Mahsoom

    The one on galaxy pro won’t be the full fledged flash. there is something known as Flash lite plug-in which gives partial flash capabilities. Found in my HTC Wildfire S which has the same processor but, is underclocked.

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