Microsoft promises every Student a Free Xbox 360’s for every PC with Windows 7 Purchased

Microsoft Xbox 360 SlimThe battle between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is far from over. For those who aren’t in sync with Xbox, the newest version is the Xbox 360 which has been sort of reinvented and made “slim” – which seems to be a copy of PlayStations very own slim version. It is about 17 percent thinner and smaller than the original version.

Before we go into too much detail about what the Xbox is, Microsoft has announced that beginning on May 22 of the current year they will be giving out free Xboxes 360 4 GB to all of those students that purchase a brand new computer that is worth at least $699.00 and that runs on Windows 7.

Getting your free Xbox might not be as easy as the A, B, C, 1, 2, 3… of course not! Those who want to take advantage of this special offer they must have a valid e-mail address that ends in .edu if making the purchase online. For those students that don’t have that e-mail address, they can go to the stores and make sure to present their identification cards that prove that they are students.

Many are probably wondering if this is truly a good deal; the truth is, it is only good for those who were already planning on buying a computer regardless of the promotion. The Xbox is currently selling at $200 which of course is a good console that has been performing pretty well in the last sales reports, according to Microsoft.

This marketing technique is pretty interesting considering that the Xbox itself had been doing pretty good. This slim version features a glossy black casing that makes it look a lot more elegant and expensive. It also got rid of the button that needed to be pressed in order to enter any kind of commands; now all the buttons are touch sensitive and they don’t even require any pressure. For the player’s advantage, there is a unique sound that goes off in order to let them know the command has been entered properly.

The Xbox also made an attempt to pull alongside PlayStation by including WiFi connection. This is surely one of the things that made it popular again because all players want to be able to connect to the Internet wirelessly and before this improvement, players had to purchase a separate adapter that could cost them more than $80.

Indeed that this package will be selling hot because it’s targeting young college students that need both gadgets: a laptop for their studies and a gaming console for their spare time. Microsoft has made it clear that there are no strings attached, you just need to check with your local retailer store.

The offer starts on May 22 in USA and it will be available in France and Canada at a later date only for current studies with proper documentation and that purchase a Windows 7 PC that is worth at least $699.



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  1. MicrosoftRippoffAgain

    It is a typical Microsoft scam – you must purchase from Microsoft or Bestbuy at inflated prices. YOU CANNOT PURCHASE AT DELL OR HP OR COSTCO ONLY buy COMPUTER FROM MICROSOFT

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