Toshiba Portege Z835The machine must have nothing inside! When you lift it, you will not believe it is a functioning notebook. This is the lightest Ultrabook to date. The boot time is lightening fast and the battery lasts a long time.

This is a final breakthrough in the Ultrabook assault on Apple’s MacBook Air. Toshiba has corrected some problems plaguing other Ultrabooks on the market. Their trackpad is precise, not jerky, the keyboard is backlit, and the battery lasts much longer. The price is an easy competitive point, at $899 against Apple’s $1,299, or even $1,199 for the ASUS Zenbook UX31.

This is not a flashy notebook, by any means. Rather, Toshiba has opted for the subtle elegance that makes it feel like something noteworthy. The color is a unified gunmetal gray, brushed down for that chiseled look. The single, lengthy hinge is a step up from the double, fragile hinges often found on notebooks.

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