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YouTube revamped their Design by adding a Homepage and More

  • 04/12/2011 at 16:54 by It's a Gadget Staff
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New Youtube Design 2011This week millions of YouTube users were surprised to be greeted with a completely overhauled new look on the video site. It is the biggest redesign in YouTube history and has made the users homepage look more like a social media site. Not only does the YouTube page look like a social page, but it also integrates both Google + (of course) and Facebook into the mix as well.

The overall layout is sophisticated with the activity feed dominating the page in the center, a navigation bar on the left, and a nice stream of recommended videos on the right. The recommended videos are chosen through a complex algorithm that takes all of your current subscriptions and also factors in what videos you have watched recently – what comes out is a nice tailored list of videos that will likely catch your fancy and keep you browsing through YouTube from video to video for hours.

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A Unique Union – Youtube And Disney Partner Up

Youtube and DisneyRecent years have proven the true power of the Internet; showing that the power of popularity no longer resided with the large companies, but now to the innovative minds who dreamed big and made their fortune on the web. YouTube is one such innovative creation and it is now one of the most popular websites on the web.

Due to the widespread movement towards the Internet, some companies who have not changed their ways and fully tapped into the internet potential have noticed a significant drop in views. Disney has felt the harsh effects and the actual numbers are astonishing. Disney Interactive has lost more than $300 million in the last four quarters alone and the visitors to their site have gone from 17.9 million in June to 12.7 million September.

In an effort to regain the lost traffic Mr. Pitaro, part of Disney Interactive, has devised a way to create web videos that not only will restore their lost visitors, but also stop the slow bleeding of money that is happening. This is where YouTube came into the plan.

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How do they do it: Google Nexus One

How do they do it ?! Google Nexus OneLast week, Google launched a miniseries of 5 episodes on YouTube that show us how Nexus One is made. We’ve seen what Nexus One device can do and how it outclass his Apple opponent, but now is time to discover some inside “intel” information.

It seems that this could be the “first season” of this presentation session and more episodes will arrive sooner or later.

The first 5 episodes focus on the following: concept and design, display, testing of the device, manufacturing and in the end a final review of some of most interesting usual things that Nexus One is good at. We’ll let you to watch those videos, because words are worthless. Enjoy it!

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