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Huami Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch takes a peek into the future

Amazfit X Huami XiaomiToday we’re going to discuss about something interesting, futuristic and smart – Amazfit X by Huami Technology. This new curved smartwatch comes with most of the must have features and it will remind us how a future of Smartwatch will look like.

First of all you would wonder who is Huami Technology, right? Well, Huami is the exclusive provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi and is also the maker of the Mi Band, which has been a hit worldwide.

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Meet Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone or the Galaxy S8 almost rival

Xiaomi Mi 6Xiaomi’s new flagship smartphone, the Mi 6, has been shown off to the public. The specs of the phone are great for the price, ideal for users who want a device that works without all the bells and whistles.

Mi 6 Specs

The specs of the Mi 6 are still waiting for a full release, but what’s known looks good so far. The CPU is the Snapdragon 835 with an Adreno 540 GPU. The display is 5.15” with a possible resolution of 1080p (Resolution is still a secret). Internal storage looks to be in 64GB or 128GB sizes with 6GB RAM. The battery is a decent 3,350mAh with USB Type-C charging. There is an IR blaster, fingerprint sensor, NFC, stereo speakers and the device is splash resistant.

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Meet Xiaomi new Mi Pad 2 and Redmi Note 3 devices

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2Xiaomi is releasing two new devices for the end of the year, the Mi Pad 2 and Redmi Note 3. The prices of these two devices are low and the specifications quite decent. It’s unlikely that Xiaomi will be bringing either device to the US or Europe, but in a few years’ time Xiaomi may be willing to branch into new markets.

The Mi Pad 2 comes in 16GB and 64GB. 32GB would make more sense than 16GB, but manufacturers continue to push 16GB devices. 16GB is often too small for music, apps and files. 32GB gives users much more space. There was a rumour that the Mi Pad 2 would dual-boot Windows 10 and Android, but this feature didn’t end up making the final product. The Android version is less expensive than the Windows 10 version, and currently it’s difficult to say which OS would be best.

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Xiaomi unveils world’s first Tegra K1 tablet, the Mi Pad

  • 15/05/2014 at 21:35 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Xiaomi Mi PadToday, during an event that took place at Beijing, Xiaomi launched their first ever tablet, called Mi Pad. According to reports, it is a plastic iPad clone, a point that was obvious from the name of the tablet.

The Chinese company has become well known for two things: offering low cost alternatives with the mobile market, and blatantly ripping off popular products to make their own. Despite that, they are a valid player gaining increasing traction in a market where low costs devices are in high demand.

Looks-wise, it is pretty much an iPad mini. The brightly colored plastic has a large screen with a thin border and rounded sides. There are three buttons on the bottom to get to the menu screen, go back and pull up settings.  Honestly, other than the colors (which are a bit brighter) it is indistinguishable on sight from high-end tablets.

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Hugo Barra says bye-bye to Google, hello to China

Hugo Barra NexusAn interesting development has occurred at the Android headquarters. Top executive Hugo Barra announced this morning that he is officially leaving the Google owned mobile developer and heading to China to work with Xiaomi.

Not only will he be joining the Chinese mobile phone developer, but he is set to take over as Vice President and will be responsible for international business development and Android strategic partnerships.

Barra posted a farewell letter on Google+, saying goodbye to his colleagues as he embarks on a new journey in his professional life.

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