ARM ChipMicrosoft talks about their new project of re-engineering Windows 8 for the ARM processor architecture in terms of design creativity. When the average person thinks design, they imagine reorganizing a room, changing the colors of the walls or furniture, or altering the font in an advertisement. No one really knows what it means when applied to the level of technology Microsoft talks about, but it sounds impressive. Windows 8 is supposed to be this kind of redesigning and Windows on ARM is a further step, joining the newest Windows members: Windows Server, Windows Phone, and Windows Embedded.

The look and feel of Windows on ARM is fashioned to provide an identical experience to that of Windows 8 x86/64. Logging in, starting and stopping applications, using Windows Store, the new Start Screen, MSIE, Metro Styling, peripherals, and the desktop are all still part of the user’s experience. What is not clear, is whether there is anything different than a build of Windows 8 on ARM.

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