HTC Windows Phone 8XWindows phones have always had a pretty bad rap for being slow and clunky. Although the outer shell may be nice to look at and hold, the Windows phone based operating systems just never seem to cut through the clutter to make it into mainstream markets like Apple’s iOS and Android did.

Windows is back to try things again with their new line of Windows 8 phones, specifically the HTC 8X and HTC 8S. Windows partnered with HTC to brand their phones as “HTC Windows Phone 8” so that the “Windows” name was right in the name of the product this time around to hopefully reposition themselves as a powerhouse in the phone market. If in the past Nokia had the real Windows Phone touch, now it’s te time for HTC to get that unique feeling.

Let’s take a look at what Windows is offering this time around and how the market looks for them.

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