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Microsoft may be jumping on the Android bandwagon

  • 12/02/2014 at 21:04 by It's a Gadget Staff
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MicrosoftMicrosoft is reportedly considering allowing Android apps to function on their Windows Phone OS in a serious departure from their usual business model.

In the past, Microsoft has been steadfastly isolationist when it comes to their software and third party app permissions. A fact that has led to a pretty big problem when it comes to their sales. No one wants a phone that is so limited in their apps, and Windows Phone really doesn’t have enough to bring users away from the more extensive iPhone or Android devices.

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U.S. Army to Ship Smartphones with Troops

Mobile PhonesSoldiers in the U.S. Army will be given standard gear, such as boots, M16, BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform – camouflage clothes), ammunition, and a smartphone, starting later this year. Following its test pilot to measure the viability of soldiers in combat with touchscreens and tablet, the Army is encouraged at the results at White Sands New Mexico and Fort Bliss Texas.

Operational radios are standard equipment for specified members of brigades. Smartphones will serve as a wider spread device that enhances existing operational equipment, without replacing them. Foot soldiers will utilize sms technology to send info on their surroundings, pictures, GPS locations, access maps, and complete reports quickly.

Michael McCarthy, the program director, said, “This technology is very familiar to these young soldiers. It has been part of their upbringing and they are extremely comfortable with it.”

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