HTC One SmartPhoneAfter a lot of rumours HTC finally announced One, their newest Android phone. Although One is right now among the hottest phones available, will this be able to stand out and claim its celebrity ?

HTC One was announced at New York, one week before MWC 2013, which might sound odd because usually Barcelona was a great place to announce HTC devices. It’s a risky decision taken by HTC, knowing that MWC will bring a lot of new phones and next month we’re likely to witness the announcement of the Galaxy S IV smartphone. It appears HTC had the courage to come up first and announce one of the first flagship phone of the year. At this time, we only have those two BlackBerry 10 devices.

For start, I have to say I’m impressed of how HTC One looks like. From the display to the design of the phone, everything yells quality. It’s clearly an evolution from HTC One X smartphone and also an improvement, because the body is made fully of aluminium. The beautiful 4.7-inch Super LCD 3 display supports a 1080p resolution which means that the pixel density is awesome: 468ppi.

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