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Ubuntu Tablet with Convergence can be used as PC

Ubuntu TabletGood news everybody: Canonical has announced the new Ubuntu tablet. It can be instantly turned into a desktop PC just by connecting a keyboard and a mouse. Sounds nice? You can even add a monitor to the mix to get the full PC experience from the tablet.

This is one different way of looking at these multipurpose devices unlike the convertibles released by Asus (Asus  Transformer series) or Microsoft (Surface Book). The lines between smartphones, tablets and laptops are getting blurred everyday with the release of each new device. A close similar experience on the Windows side can be found with the Windows 10 phones with ‘Continuum for Phones’. In that case, the user has to plug the Windows Phone to a dock that is connected to a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. That phone is already available in the market.

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Can Ubuntu OS Smartphones change the way we use our devices ?

Ubuntu OS SmartphonesA new operating system has recently been announced for smartphones: Ubuntu OS. The first Ubuntu OS smartphones are scheduled to appear in “two geographically large markets” this October, The Wall Street Journal reports. The good news are for developers which will get access to a Ubuntu OS version that has been optimized for the Galaxy Nexus at the end of this February.

Originally, Ubuntu was an open source Linux distribution for PCs and netbooks, but now, it is expanding into the smartphone market. Of course, to compete with other popular operating systems, Ubuntu has to really shine. Developed by Canonical, a company with only a few hundred members of staff, it wouldn’t seem as though Ubuntu can deliver a lot, but there are a few particular features that may just give it the edge.

One major feature of this system is its ability to be a portable PC. Simply attach a monitor and keyboard, and you can use your phone as a PC. The minimum requirements for this feature are  a 1Ghz Cortex A9 Processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4-8 GB of flash storage, along with multi touch support, and smartphones that exceed these requirements are very common.

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