FacebookAlthough over 100 million labels are tagged to photos daily on Facebook, the company felt it was not fast enough, so they claim. They built and rolled out their Tag Suggestions feature to suggest to your friends that they might want to tag you in one of their photos, because they have found someone who looks a lot like you.

Facebook, failed to notify anyone of the new feature, which would not have been so bad had they not enabled it by default and buried the on/off switch in the security section. They had hoped there would not have been so much backlash over yet another underhanded tactic against their own users. This is not the first and it certainly will not be the last.

The more photos of yourself you upload, the better Tag Suggestions will be able to recognize you in other people’s photos. This implicitly means that it might mistakenly suggestion someone else’ face in a photo for your name. Although the program will not actually tag anyone in a photo, it will try to convince others to. Tagging is still left up to people who post the photos and Facebook swears that Tag Suggestions will only be made to people who are listed as your friends.

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