Microsoft Surface PhoneIt’s probably no secret by now that Microsoft has been trying its best to keep down the rumors and Internet chat about their Surface Phone. Whether it actually exists or not is probably lowest on the totem pole now, considering the fact that most techies and bloggers alike believe that the Microsoft Surface phone will definitely debut. It’s just a matter of when and what it will actually look like.

On October 25th the Microsoft Surface tablet will officially launch. It appears to be part of a holiday program that Microsoft is working on to generate more interest in both their phone market and general hardware market all around. There’s word of a $99 Xbox 360 deal that requires a 2 year Xbox live subscription, as well as the new Windows 8 tablets and phones that are set to be launching soon as well.

In theory, if these deals go well, Microsoft will establish themselves as a serious competitor in both the tablet and phone market. If the Surface Tablet is a success, the Surface phone is the next logical step, right?

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