Mark ZuckerbergThose who had the chance to watch “The Social Network” film can remember Jesse Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerberg; always wearing jeans, a t-shirt and regular sneakers. That’s exactly how the comedian Andy Samberg portrays him as well, especially in his skits on Saturday Night Live. Samberg was also pretended to be Zuckerberg at last year’s f8, where it took a few minutes for people to realize that it was Samberg and not Zuckerberg on stage.

What started as something small – Facebook – today can be translated to 3,200 employees and 845 million users and counting.

The problem that Zuckerberg has encountered is his age, which has contributed to him having an identity crisis. Perhaps not for himself, but for the rest of the world that saw him as a boy who could face difficulties dealing with the real world and real business. Many would point out his lack of experience since he didn’t have history of any stable jobs, and even though the internet was going strong, his actions could have destroyed Facebook.

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